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With "Cry for Help" button, hobbies you choose from and our affordable pre-licensed psychologists at your service, you will always be one step ahead of the relapse.


Every day you get a new 2-4 minutes long video in which we explain human brain in relation to eating disorders, give advice and tips to break free. Learn your way out of this mess.


Very large forum community is at your disposal. Ask your fellow buddies or help others. Earn badges and become our outstanding community member. You're not alone in this.

What is deVicer app?

deVicer is a tool that you always carry around if you struggle with an eating disorder. Mostly we deal with Binge Eating Disorder and Food addiction in general. Our free program offers 90-days guidebook with various tools and other educational content.

Educational content

Every day you'll unlock one short animated video made by psychologist to help you get through the process. From Transtheoretical Model Of Change, through brain physiology to long-term benefits and self-realization.

Relapse prevention plan

Among other tools that will help you find your way through toughest days, you can always talk to one of our psychologists when really in need.

Track your progress

Track your progress with deVicer's detailed stats and keep your diary up to date!

This is where you track your progress

discover our tools and take a short tour

Here are just a few screens that will explain how deVicer works. It is simple and awesome.


This is the first screen you see when you open deVicer. You will unlock your daily educational video here and be able to enter your progress.


Got cravings, feel really down and anxious? Get help from hour pre-licensed specialists who work under supervision of experienced psychologist.


Here you will find your daily inputs. If you wrote diary on certain day, engaged in hobbies or want to re-watch video – here is a place to do that.


On this screen you will track your progress and play with numbers. There is also a life-goals chart that is being created as you assess your emotions.

And we have even more tools!

Another important aspects in process of recovery that deVicer offers are implemented hobbies that will speed up your progress,  “Ask for Help” button, Life-goals statistics and recommended books and motivation.

Numerous hobbies to choose

Whether you like walking, running, art or something entirely different - you can check those hobbies in deVicer app and we will speed up your progress through 90 day journey by 10% if you engage in them every day.

Ask for Help button

When you're down and in need of help, in this part of the app you can ask a question or support. Only users who are active and trusted members of deVicer community will be able to see your question and answer you.


This is a list of 10 goals you want to achieve. For example you can choose to improve your self-esteem, being a better partner or parent etc. Every now and then you will get a notification to assess yourself, which will show you as a graph you progress.

our reviews

Quoted reviews you can easily find on Google Play Store or App Store

This app has been incredibly helpful to me while in recovery. The information is both concise and helpful. Being able to track the various pattern of my relapses keeps me mindful and the random motivational quotes can give me a nice little boost when and if I need it. – Mara Delfin.

Thank you very much! You are very professional and generous. You deserve a thousand stars! – Fateme R.

I have tried very many apps out there claiming to educate and care, however most have very poor insight about what such disorder entitles. deVicer feel authentic, and trustworthy. And it is quite important to begin things with building trust first. – Ozgun Kilic.

Thank you for making my struggle easier. Your educative videos and supportive community is a huge help ❤ – Lana.

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