How devicer came to life?

We closely collaborate with students of psychology and their professors. 

What is deVicer?

deVicer is a mobile app, intended to provide help with various types of disorders, mainly in behavioral addictions. At the moment, deVicer is primarily deali g with Food addiction (FA) and Binge Eating Disorder. We provide various set of tools for easier coping with the disorder, and as of 2021. we implemented direct help from our psychologists in need that you can contact for certain amount of time (as short as only 30 minutes up to even more than 1 hour per day – whatever amount of time is needed for the day).

How deVicer came to life?

deVicer was first released back in 2019. We are grateful that PhD professors who lecture psychology classes at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, recognized this idea and new model of helping people dealing with various behavioral addictions. They assigned tasks to their students to write about Food addiction and Binge Eating Disorder. They wrote over 100.000 words of educational content, divided in 90 texts that are now converted into free whiteboard video animations within deVicer app. Our users unlock every day a new video that is guiding them through 90 day journey. We start with Transtheoretical Model Of Change, continue through brain physiology, and near the end we are dealing with long-term benefits and self-realization.

Who are the specialists that provide help on our platform?

Our specialist are more affordable Pre-licensed Mental Health Counselors, which means they already have Master’s degree in Psychology, but still need to get their license after a year of internship. They are working under the supervision of Licensed Psychology Professional. Since they are much more affordable, they can bring psychological help to every deVicer user, which is our goal.
Disclaimer: Since they are still not licensed psychologists, we do not call this professional therapy or counseling.

Our plans for the future

Our vision is to become the main platform that is dealing with behavioral addictions. Whether if it’s food, gambling, pornography, shopping, gaming or some other addiction. We want to be hear for you. And to be the most affordable and flexible platform that provides professional help.

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